West Hartford dentist method of comfortable dentistry

Comfort Dentistry in West Hartford

It is an unfortunate fact that dental care is often placed under the category of “uncomfortable things adults have to do in order to stay healthy”. We basically understand why dental care is important, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we like it. In fact, chances are that you would be hard-pressed to find any individual who welcomes a trip to the dentist, and even the very idea of someone actually enjoying a dental visit may seem ludicrous to you. Most individuals would readily admit that they dread going to the dentist–from walking through the door to waiting endlessly for their turn to sitting with a bright light in their face while someone pokes around in their mouth to even worrying about when they’ll have to return. But does it actually have to be this way? Why shouldn’t a trip to the dentist be a comfortable, pleasant experience? What if individuals didn’t just go to the dentist because they “had to” and didn’t feel anxious about the entire visit? What if they were treated with care and compassion in a comfortable, welcoming environment and learned to actually enjoy their dental treatments and the benefits they provided them? This is precisely what Avenue Dental Arts seeks to achieve with their unique approach to comfortable dentistry.

The Avenue Dental Arts Difference

At Avenue Dental Arts, every patient is treated like an important member of the family. This means that you should expect nothing less than a positive experience, in a friendly and relaxed environment, from the moment you step through the door until the moment you leave again. Instead of a sterile, hospital-like setting that only serves to increase one’s anxiety and discomfort, the Avenue Dental Arts dental office is specially designed to help you relax and enjoy your dental experience. The Zen-like office, which is decorated with warm tones and inviting accents like beautiful orchids, tropical plants and even blankets and pillows, provides a comfortable environment where you will be inclined to kick off your shoes and unwind on a cozy sofa while enjoying the soothing sounds of massage therapy music. In the treatment rooms, soft leather, contoured dental chairs can provide gentle back massages to help keep you relaxed throughout your treatment.

In addition to the unique, spa-like office environment provided at Avenue Dental Arts there is the incredible care and attention the staff give to each patient. It’s understandable that certain dental treatments can seem daunting, but sometimes all it takes is having someone listen to your concerns, answer your questions and explain procedures and options so that you can make informed decisions. Dr. Saferin makes it a point to spend time with each patient, getting to know them well enough that she is able to provide them with the absolute best dental care possible. She explains each procedure step-by-step, eliminating surprises and reducing anxiety as the patient knows exactly what to expect before, during and after their treatment. High-tech dental tools, instruments and laser technology are used to provide fast, effective treatments that are also minimally intrusive. Dr. Saferin even goes one step further by following up with patients who have received non-routine dental treatment procedures, ensuring that they are comfortable and have no unaddressed concerns or unanswered questions.

Finally, Avenue Dental Arts understands that your time is very important and should be respected. To help with this, only one patient is scheduled at a time in order to eliminate lengthy waiting periods before or during the appointment and in order to ensure that you receive the one-on-one attention that you need and deserve. You should feel like you are the most important person in the world, and a valued member of the Avenue Dental Arts family. From high-quality, friendly service to a uniquely  comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, your entire experience at Avenue Dental Arts should help you to put on your best smile.

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