Tooth Extractions

Dr. Saferin saves your natural teeth whenever possible. She uses her expertise and experience to salvage teeth with dental crowns, fillings, and root canal therapy.

However, sometimes a tooth is too damaged or too threatening to the surrounding teeth to save. We perform simple wisdom tooth extractions and other extractions right here in our office.

We understand the idea of an extraction might make you feel anxious! That’s why Dr. Saferin uses innovative technology to ensure a comfortable and gentle tooth removal. We can use local anesthesia and sedation dentistry if desired.


Dr. Saferin will conserve as much of your gum tissue and bone as possible during your extraction. She knows better than to rush through your procedure—she is dedicated to giving you an outstanding result.

Dr. Saferin will administer your injection in a way that keeps you as comfortable as possible. Your local anesthesia injection will numb the affected area so you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. We also offer sedation dentistry, if you need to relax your mind a little more.

Many of our patients are surprised by how painless their tooth extraction can be!


We can remove non-impacted wisdom teeth right here in our office!

Why remove wisdom teeth? These third molars often do more harm than good, because the average human mouth does not have sufficient space to accommodate these four extra teeth.

Over centuries, our mouths have become smaller, and we have less need for our wisdom teeth. For many patients, wisdom teeth have the potential to cause problems like:

Impaction: The wisdom teeth get stuck below the gums, causing severe pain and possibly infection. In the event that you have an impacted wisdom tooth we will help set you up with a competent oral surgeon who can perform the necessary treatment.

Bite Misalignment: An uneven bite causes difficulty chewing and TMJ pain.

Crowding: The wisdom teeth might push the other teeth around, often changing the look of your smile. They might also increase your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

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If you think you need dental attention, come see our excellent staff. Avenue Dental Arts invites you to call our office and schedule an appointment. If an extraction is necessary, you can trust us to be helpful and make your experience as pleasant as possible!