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The Best Dental Treatments for Special Occasions

We all take great pride in our appearance, especially since a good appearance can convey that one is healthy, happy and prosperous. Knowing that you are presenting yourself well to others can increase your confidence and comfort. This includes having clean, well-fitting clothes, a well-groomed appearance and even a confident smile that shows off your good oral health.

While you may always want to look your best, when there is a special occasion this tends to become even more important to you. This really isn’t surprising, since special occasions are often filled with opportunities to take an abundance of photos and videos. You’re likely to go shopping for the perfect outfit and make an appointment to get your hair cut–but what do you do about imperfections in your teeth or smile? Before you resign yourself to the fact that you will just have to make do and start practicing closed-lip smiles, consider making an appointment with your dentist for the dental treatments you need to brighten or improve your smile.

Common Dental Problems and Treatment Solutions

Not all dental problems require lengthy treatments to resolve. In fact, the earlier you work to correct these problems, the easier they may be handle. That said, here are some of the most common dental problems that individuals struggle with when considering their appearance, as well as their treatment solutions.

Stained Teeth

One of the dental problems that people find to be most bothersome is stained teeth. Whether this has occurred as a result of dietary habits, disease, age or some other issue, stained teeth can make one unwilling to smile freely. Whitening toothpastes and whitening strips can sometimes produce minor improvements over time, but these improvements may not be satisfying to an individual who wants to see a bigger change in a shorter timespan. Professional tooth whitening treatments can often produce more dramatic results more quickly, and normally take only ninety minutes to perform.

Small Gaps and Chips

Along with stained teeth, another troubling dental problem is small gaps in between teeth, as well as chips in teeth. Whether it is actually true, one may feel that these imperfections draw negative attention, which can cause them to refrain from smiling and opening their mouth normally. Dental bonding is an affordable cosmetic dental treatment that can help to resolve the issue of small gaps and chips in teeth. It is fast, non-invasive and consists of applying tooth-colored resin in order to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Big Gaps and Chips or Severe Stains

Though they take longer to resolve, even big gaps and chips or severe stains can successfully be resolved–through the application of dental veneers. These thin coatings are designed specifically for your teeth, and when placed over misshapen, stained or damaged teeth they can improve their appearance. They are a bigger time and financial investment than dental bonding, but they are also usually much stronger and tend to last longer.

Metal Fillings

While they are effective and durable, metal fillings are also unsightly when placed in highly visible areas of your mouth. Fortunately, they can be covered by tooth-colored fillings so that they continue to serve their purpose while simultaneously contributing to an aesthetic smile.

Missing Teeth

Chances are that if you have a missing tooth or missing teeth, you’ve been interested in handling it long before any special occasion presented itself. Perhaps you’ve considered dental implants, permanent bridges or dentures. However, all of these solutions can take some time to create and implement, especially dental implants. A snap-on dental bridge may be a good solution, as it can be molded, fitted and attached so as to temporarily replace missing teeth. It is similar to dentures in that it must be removed at night for cleaning, and it is only a temporary solution that will need to be followed with a permanent solution at a point in the near future.

Obviously, maintaining good oral hygiene through twice daily brushing, once daily flossing and twice annual dental examinations and cleanings can help to ensure that your oral health is in top form and you are always prepared–for any occasion.

For more information about dental treatments that can help you prepare for your next special occasion, contact Avenue Dental Arts today.