Important Practice Announcement!

Dear Patients,

I am so excited to share with you all some amazing news—WE’VE MOVED! We’ve heard your feedback about parking and accessibility. We’re pleased to tell you that as of Monday, April 1st, Avenue Dental Arts—the office of Dr. Tori Saferin— is welcoming you, our beloved patients, to our new location: just across the street at 799 Farmington Avenue, in West Hartford. We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Saferin, her patients and staff to the Avenue Dental Arts family. The new office provides us with the convenience of a similar Farmington Avenue location, with the added benefit of private parking (in the back) and a ramp in front. We hope you will find the interior of the office itself to be as welcoming and comfortable as the old office. The new space allows us to continue to offer you the highest quality care, up-to-date technology, and a calming environment, to give you the best possible dental experience.

Nermina, Dina, Donna, Heidi, and Dr. Saferin will all be making the move. Our phone number and email contact information will remain the same. We will be adding extended hours to provide you with even more opportunities for appointments.

Our previous location at 758 Farmington Avenue has been an incredible home to our practice, from Dr. Weil’s humble beginnings nearly 40 years ago, through the transition to Dr. Saferin in the summer of 2017, and right up until the day we left. We know many of you have laughed, cried, shared stories of weddings, births, and life transitions at 758 Farmington. The memory of Dr. Weil is strong inside those walls, but most importantly, he will live on in our hearts, in our practice philosophy, and in our dedication to our patients, no matter where we plant a sign in the ground. When Dr. Weil and Dr. Saferin first spoke about a new location for the practice, Dr. Weil was excited and looked forward to hearing more about it. To all of us, he will always be so much more than a building—but we, too, cannot help but feel sad that he is not making the journey down the street with us.

On Thursday, March 28th at 5 pm, we closed the doors one last time at 758 Farmington. As of Monday, April 1st at 8 am, we are open in our new location at 799 Farmington Avenue.

We look forward to many years as your partners in oral health and cannot wait to welcome you to the new space. Thank you for your continued support.

Yours Truly,

Avenue Dental Arts
Dr. Tori Saferin
Dina, Donna, Nermina, and Heidi