very high quality dentistry, high class care at Avenue Dental Arts in West Hartford

High Class Care at Avenue Dental Arts in West Hartford

Most everyone will agree that your smile is one of the first things others notice about you and is by far your most important feature. A pleasant smile that shows off healthy, bright teeth and gums can make you feel more outgoing, and it tends to convey that you are confident to those who interact with you. Unfortunately, when we have oral health issues we tend to hide our mouth and suppress our smiles out of discomfort and embarrassment. What’s even more unfortunate is that we sometimes fail to get the regular dental care we need simply because we cannot find the high class dental care we truly desire. Our struggle to find what we really desire in dental care can bring us to the conclusion that it doesn’t really exist, perhaps because we feel we are asking for too much. Luckily, there is no such thing as asking for too much when it comes to high class dental care, and it can be found.

So what does high class dental care mean to you? Do you want innovative treatment options? Do you want convenient scheduling? Do you want a comfortable dental office setting and treatment rooms that naturally promote serenity and relaxation? Do you want to interact with a highly professional staff who care about your every need and concern and take the time to answer all your questions? Do you want a trained, experienced and highly skilled dentist who truly devotes herself to getting to know you and to helping you understand your care and treatment options? If you desire all of the above you’re in luck, because this is precisely what you will receive at Avenue Dental Arts.

The Avenue Dental Arts Approach

At Avenue Dental Arts, we understand that it can be difficult to find the high class dental care you truly desire, but we agree whole-heartedly that you should never have to settle for anything less than the absolute best. This is why every member of the Avenue Dental Arts family is dedicated to making each patient feel like they are truly the most important person in the world, and a close member of the family. After all, this is what we want and it’s definitely what our patients deserve.

We provide high class care through high-quality, friendly, expert dental services that are delivered in a gentle, comfortable environment. Our patients are not only well-cared for throughout their entire treatment experience, they are given the time they need to spend with the dentist in order to thoroughly understand the treatment they are receiving and why they are receiving it. We find that this better helps our patients to relax, as there are truly no surprises or unanswered questions. Our patients come to understand that we will always exceed their very best expectations, as serving our patients is our absolute top priority.

High Class Dental Care in West Hartford

In addition to finding a dentist that provides high class dental care in a comfortable setting, you obviously want a dentist that is conveniently located near you. This can be particularly useful if you ever experience a dental emergency, but it can also make receiving regular dental care much easier. You should never have to settle for poor quality dental care simply because you feel that this is all that is available near you, and while some individuals are willing to travel quite some distance in order to be able to receive the quality dental care they desire, the most ideal arrangement is to find a local dentist who provides the high class care in the comfortable setting you want. Fortunately, Dr. Jeane Best is a West Hartford dentist providing everything you are looking for in location, convenience, quality service, comfort, and much more.

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